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Being arrested for Driving under the Influence (DUI) crime can be a scary experience, especially in Schaumburg where the punishments can be severe. The DUI legal process that follows an arrest is also scary and stressful as the State of Illinois takes DUI very seriously. You need to take action immediately for yourself by hiring the right DUI lawyer, if you are charge with a DUI. As hiring the right lawyer for your case will take the necessary steps to preserve your license, avoid going to jail, and protect your rights, and your driving privileges in Illinois. Our DUI lawyers at Marder and Seidler law firm are here to help you and take all the steps that are necessary to protect and preserve your rights to continue to drive your vehicle.
Our Lawyers fully understand you and are here to make your entire legal process as stress-free and simple as possible. We have been fighting cases in the Illinois areas and defending our clients for over 40+ years. So, if you are searching for an experienced and determined DUI lawyer in Schaumburg, IL who can fight for you to get your DUI charges dismissed or reduced, then choose Marder and Seidler lawyers. Our passionate and knowledgeable lawyers put their experience to work and fight for you.

How DUI Lawyer Schaumburg Help you to Stay Out of Jail

Our DUI lawyers in Schaumburg at Marder and Seidler Law Firm specialize in easing the legal process. The legal process can become a massive headache following a DUI arrest. Our professional DUI lawyers work hard to keep you out of jail. We will appear in court for you on each court appearance. Every court in Illinois has its own ways of imposing stress on you, so allow our specialized lawyers to take that burden off your shoulders and make your legal process stress free. The penalties for a DUI in Illinois are relatively much more stiffer than those given out in surrounding states.

Types of DUI Cases:

1. Incapable of Safe Driving
2. Incapable of Safe Driving with Accident
3. BAC (Blood alcohol level) of 0.08 or harder
4. Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics
5. Minor Driving Under the Influence
6. Commercial/School Driver BAC of 0.04+
7. Refusing a Breathalyzer or Blood Test

Save yourself after getting on arrest with our DUI Lawyers Schaumburg

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is charge as a misdemeanor or a felony. You can be charged with a Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or higher at test time. To save yourself from getting a maximum penalty, it is important to hire an experienced attorney. You can also be found guilty of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in Illinois, if you have about 5 nano-grams of the marijuana drug (THC) in your blood or more than 10 nano-grams of THC in your saliva.
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney from Marder and Seidler law firm, . Our attorney knows what the DUI law is and what steps they need to take to protect your rights. If you are facing DUI charges in Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, MCHENRY county or Lake County, you can contact one of the best DUI lawyers in Illinois for a free and fully confidential DUI case consultation. You can contact us anytime at (847) 985-6767 for emergency purpose.

Save Your Driving License with help of our DUI Lawyer Schaumburg

Nobody wants to lose their driving license but unfortunately, this is a consequence that may happen to you.  When you get arrested for a DUI and if you are found guilty in a DUI case at that time your license will be confiscated. You have to schedule a statutory summary suspension and hire an experienced DUI lawyer that will challenge the potential suspension of your license. If you don’t schedule or fail to schedule your Statutory Summary Suspension, then hearing your driving license may be suspended in 45 days from the date of your arrest. Our DUI attorneys are proficient in handling DUI cases and Statutory Summary Suspension. Marder and Seidler law firm stands out from the rest because we give proven positive results both in court and in the Statutory Summary Suspension hearings.

Contact Marder and Seidler law firm now to schedule your Statutory Summary Suspension hearing!

Why you should hire our DUI Lawyers for your DUI Case

  • To avoid jail, penalty, and fine.
  • We fight for you to keep your record clean.
  • Our fees are reasonable – flexible Payment Plans are Available
  • Has Over 40+ Years of Experience in Illinois
  • Our DUI lawyers are confident, experienced, honest, and knowledgeable and will listen to your facts properly.
  • We make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.
  • Ready to assist you 24/7 for emergency cases.
  • Our DUI lawyers give you proper time to clear your doubts.
  • We do not promise you something that can’t deliver.

Areas That Our DUI Lawyers Serve

Our DUI attorneys provide aggressive DUI defense representation for defendants accused with driving under the influence including Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows, Elgin, Streamwood, Roselle, Bloomingdale, Hanover Park, Bartlett, Itasca, Downers Grove, Barrington, Palatine, and Wheaton. We serve Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry Countries and surrounding areas.

Contact Best DUI lawyers in Schaumburg

A DUI conviction has the potential to impact all aspects of your life from your personal home life to your professional future. Don’t take your happiness and freedom for granted and come to a dangerous and sad ending proceeding without speaking with legal counsel.

A Schaumburg DUI lawyer from Marder and Seidler law firm can make sure you get the best possible result for your DUI case. Contact us at (847) 985-6767. You can also complete the form to schedule your FREE case evaluation appointment, and we will assist you to discuss your case as quickly as possible.

DUI Related FAQs:

1. What if I can’t afford a DUI lawyer?

Many people when they get arrested for DUI believe that they can’t afford a DUI lawyer. And that’s why they try to handle their charges without getting any legal representation. At the end they lose their case as well as license and in addition they lose their happiness and freedom which will ruin their future. Having experienced attorneys will save you from losing these things. In fact, hiring a DUI attorney is not that expensive especially the Lawyers of Marder and Seidler law firm as our fee for DUI cases is reasonable along with flexible payment methods. But still if you feel that you can’t afford the service for DUI defense, contact us. We can work with you and try to make a payment plan that can fit your budget.

2. What if I’m completely innocent of the DUI charges against me?

In that case, you should hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Your DUI defense attorney in Schaumburg can fight for you in court. We will do our best to prove your innocence and get you the best result possible.

3. Will I lose my license immediately after a DUI arrest in Illinois?

In Illinois, your license will be automatically suspended 45 days after your arrest. If you blow .08 or higher on the breathalyzer or refuse to take the test.

4. How long does a DUI stay on your record in Illinois?

A DUI sentence stays on your record forever. It cannot be explained or sealed.