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Being charged with a criminal offense in Streamwood can be one of the most unsettling and daunting circumstances for anyone. Nothing can prepare you for an arrest and subsequent detention at the police station while waiting questioning, or for formal charges to be brought against you or a family member. If you have never been through this process your first inclination might be to make a statement in erroneous hope that they will set you free. This would be your first mistake. Before speaking with any law enforcement officer, you need to consult with a lawyer. Don’t share your case with anyone, including law enforcement, until you have Streamwood criminal lawyer present to protect your interest as well as give legal advice!

Whether you’re the target of an investigation by a state of federal law enforcement agency or you have been formally arrested and charged. There are important steps you can take to protect your rights, freedom and character. Police officers as well as investigators know that they have a distinct advantage when dealing with an unrepresented arrestee.  This might have only a limited understanding of his or her rights. Damaging admissions or inconsistent statement frequently become crucial factors in a prosecutor’s case.

Criminal Lawyers at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. completely understand that passing the cold feeling of those handcuffs around your wrist can be one of the most disturbing as well as challenging situations you can face. Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense, your character, freedom and driving rights may be placed in immediate jeopardy.

Successfully Defending People Charged with Serious Crimes in Streamwood for Four Decades’

Streamwood criminal lawyer at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. have been supporting the community over the past four decades, with their legal expertise in challenging prosecutors in state and federal courts by factually defending individuals charged with serious criminal offenses. Our success at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. is in ensuring results for our clients while simplifying the criminal process and making them understand the consequences.

People usually have numerous questions when they are dealing with the justice system. Our aim is to explain your rights, potential penalties, defenses including step by step process in clear and simple language. A better understanding of the criminal justice system can make the court process relatively easier and minimize an accused’s fears. We ensure that you are well equipped with the details you need. So that the lawyer can be your friend in need of the hour, helping you make the correct decisions.

Strategically Proven Strategies

There can be many ways and means to come up with the best strategy to defend the case at hand, we at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. insure that no stone is left unturned to conduct a thorough investigation of the underlying facts. There is detailed study of the available evidences, all possible procedures of the law enforcement per the books and facts. Which can lead to either complete discharge from the case and removal of the said charges or a favorable mutual agreement. We understand that the best strategic dealings on a trial which is well covered in all details.

Some of the techniques we use to achieve our goals include:

  • Getting the evidence suppressed which may have been acquired through an improper search or method.
  • Completely removing the confessions which may have been gathered without following proper legal procedures.
  • Challenging the rightfully authority of government witnesses as the case may be
  • Proving the possibility of racial/ethnicity bias
  • Uncovering inconsistency in the lab workings or reports
  • Highlighting incorrect arrest procedures
  • Proving a break in the chain of custody
  • Proving the presence of the right intent

Whatever the legal situation and details may be, the right criminal lawyer will be critical in getting you the right support and relief. Often times a public defender is appointed. However it might not be the right choice, since they usually quite caught-up with other similar cases. And might not be able to give you the attention, which you and your case deserve. This is where the Streamwood criminal lawyers at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. in Streamwood would come to your rescue.

The depth of our experience in dealing with all sorts of Criminal Offenses

The criminal defense attorneys at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. have decades of cumulative experience, as we have been supporting and defending a wide range of criminal offences and misdemeanors including:

1. Drug Offenses

Drug Possession and Conspiracy – (1) possession of marijuana (720 ILCS 550/4) and (2) possession of controlled substances (720 ILCS 570/402). The law is quite tough on the charges related to drug offenses. We at Marder & Seidler, Ltd., ensure that the evidence is deeply investigated and recognize what can be the best possible method of defense.

Our attempt would be to get the charges reduced, as far as possible, to maybe just a possession charge. The accused can be charged under 720 ILCS 570/405 if found that he/she: (1) possessed, distributes, delivers, manufacturers, or possesses a controlled substance. (2) the unlawful conduct is part of a conspiracy involving at least two people; and (3) receives anything worth $500 or more or directs, organizes, or finances the act involved in the conspiracy. This may lead to imprisonment and a fine ranging to hundreds and thousands of dollars, including taking away the rights of the property.

2. Federal Crimes

Crimes such as the ones related to narcotics, child pornography, or felony against a government agency, can be tricky to manage. The prosecutors have an upper hand with the higher agencies such as FBI. We have dealt with many cases in federal court that gives us an advantage. Any kind of relation to child pornography comes under 18 U.S.C. Section 2251 making it a serious felony, with the judgments becoming stricter, having devastating impacts on one’s life. The expert criminal lawyers at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. will smartly work their way through all possible charges.

3. DUI Charges

Marder & Seidler, Ltd. has extensive experience in defending clients charged with a broad range of DUI charges such as that of alcohol and other drug-related driving felonies. If someone is arrested for DUI, they might be convicted if their breath, blood, or urine test reveal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) 0.08 or higher. Or have a significant presence of marijuana or methamphetamine in the body. This would lead to felonies or Class A misdemeanors with jail time and thousands of dollars of fine. This may include the driving license being revoked.

4. Violent Crimes

Violent crimes offenses are those where the accused may threatened someone with physical force. This included crimes such as rape or sexual assault, murder, robbery, rape, sexual assault or a combination of the above. Such crimes can be most damaging as there would be clear signs of physical harm. That is backed by medical reports, resulting into life imprisonment. Our Streamwood Criminal lawyers at Marder & Seidler, Ltd. carefully go through the details of the case and prepare their defense strategy accordingly, detailing out the charges levied, the situations concerning the matter, while understanding the underlying stakes and interests of the concerned parties.

5. Domestic Violence

One could be looking at imprisonment, hefty fines, protective orders, etc if found guilty of harming a family member. One could also be thrown out of their own home, losing the rights to your children. That may impact on your reputation, social standing, your job and long term career. Thus facing major financial implications too. It would be critical for Streamwood criminal lawyer to investigate the matter at hand to get you your rightful results.

6. White Collar Offenses

There can be a plethora of such crimes such as insurance fraud, bribe, embezzlement of funds, check bouncing, and falsifying document, etc. Marder & Seidler, Ltd. recognizes that anybody could be charged with this offense who may have no understanding of the justice system. Our team insures that you understand the entire process in detail and our strategy to work around the matter. Our goal is to break down the process into the finest details to safeguard your career as well as social standing.

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This is just a glimpse of what could go wrong and where you need the expertise of Streamwood criminal lawyer. It is always advisable not to discuss your case with anyone other than your defense attorney. Marder & Seidler, Ltd. empathizes with as well as will evaluate the best strategy to restore and safeguard your interests. Whatever the nature of the charge, talk to us to let us help you.