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No one ever gets married with the intention of one day needing to hire a Lawyer to get a divorce. But unfortunately, as time passes and situations change, sometimes divorce becomes a necessary option for both of them. The divorce process can be quite a challenging, and emotional experience that navigates both ins and outs of divorce law. Divorce process seems even more stressful when both parties don’t want to agree on divorce terms. Our Divorce lawyer in Schaumburg can minimize your stress by assisting you to get through the divorce process efficiently. The lawyers at Marder & Seidler Law firm will also assist you in related common issues that arise such as:

  • Spousal Maintenance (alimony)
  • Orders of Protection
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Adoption
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grandparent’s Rights

Contact Marder & Seidler to schedule a confidential and FREE case evaluation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, whether you are already served with divorce papers or contemplating filing for divorce. Marder and Seidler Law Firm is a team of experienced divorce and family law lawyers helping you to protect your rights, your assets and child custody. We provide outstanding legal representation and handle both divorce and family law cases and lawsuits for Schaumburg, and surrounding areas including Bartlett, Elk Grove Village, Barrington, Roselle, Downers Grove, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Itasca, Rolling Meadows, Elgin, Bloomingdale, Streamwood, Hanover Park, and Wheaton residents. We service Cook, Dupage, Kane, Lake and Mc Henry Counties.

Short Definitions of Some Divorce related terms:

Dissolution of Marriage (divorce):

A legal term that are in use by the State of Illinois.

Marital Estate/ property:

Jointly owned property or property acquired by both spouses during the marriage or acquired with marital funds.

Single Parenting:

Single parenting, when one parent has the power to take all decision regarding their minor child.

Joint Parenting:

Joint parenting, is when both spouses have the power to jointly make decisions regarding their minor child

Child Support:

The payment that the non-residential parent pays for the support of their minor child.

Maintenance (alimony):

The amount given by one spouse to the other spouse.

Contact Marder & Seidler Divorce Lawyers at: 847-985-6767 for an appointment to discuss your questions and concerns. We are experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys who will guide and protect you through this difficult period. Our lawyers serve majorly in Cook, Kane, DuPage Mc Henry, and Lake Count ies.

Types Of Divorce Cases We Handle:

1. Contested Divorce:

In contested divorce, both spouses don’t want to agree on the terms of divorce and that’s why contested divorces are generally more time consuming and expensive than uncontested ones. This will happen normally, when disputes are arise due to disagreement over the custody of children, division of property and debts, child support, and spousal support that may later make the litigation process more expensive. Contested divorce also affects relations between family, friends and even between children. These disputes are usually get resolve through the advice from our lawyers, or by negotiation.

2. Uncontested Divorce:

Uncontested divorces are generally simple, less time- consuming, less expensive and stressful to litigate. It’s because in this divorce, both parties are agreeing the terms of divorce as they both work together toward a mutual resolution. However, if both spouses agree on the divorce terms, they still have to consult with their respective lawyers. This is because lawyers will advise you related to your best interest and of course the best interest of your children.

Why Uncontested Divorce Also Need Lawyer’s Advice?

In Schaumburg, many people tend to think that they don’t need to hire a divorce lawyer or need counsel of an divorce attorney, if both spouses are agreeing the divorce terms. However, this is not true because a lawyer’s advice is beneficial for both parties as their advice helps to get the best interest for their client. Our divorce lawyers will fight for your rights regarding how the assets (marital property) will be divided between both spouses. This includes real estate, furniture, cars,bank accounts, pensions, other retirement accounts and anything that come in during the marriage.

Our divorce lawyers at Marder & Seidler law firm are Knowledgeable, compassionate and provide you the best advice that is essential to protect all of your financial interests properly and ensure that all your bases are covered. Not only martial property but we also provide legal service related to payment of maintenance (alimony), child support, and other child-related expenses.

If you want to ensure the long-term wellbeing of your children even after divorce, it is important to have a Joint Parenting Agreement. A Joint Parenting Agreement includes many aspects related to holiday schedule, parenting schedule, and joint decision making for the children such as health, education etc.

We have been able to negotiate settlement agreements in various divorce cases where, on first impression, both spouses were hopelessly in deadlock. We have more than 40 years experience in divorce and family law to assist you and protect your rights, your assets and child custody.

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Whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, involves minor child or not, you need experienced divorce lawyers to help you throughout the process. Marder & Seidler Law Firm can help you as a Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer. The main goal of Marder & Seidler is simple: to assist and represent those who cannot properly represent themselves . We invite you to contact our office in Schaumburg for a FREE divorce case evaluation. Our divorce lawyers serve in Schaumburg, and surrounding areas including Bartlett, Barrington, Roselle, Palatine, Itasca, Downers Grove Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Bloomingdale, Streamwood, Hanover Park, and Wheaton communities. We provide aggressive legal representation on your behalf so that you can consider your rights and legal options.

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