Domestic Battery

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act covers violence within many types of relationships, including:

  • spouses or former spouses
  • individuals in a current or former dating relationship
  • a parent and child or stepparent and child
  • parents who have child in common
  • individuals related by blood through a child
  • family members related by blood
  • current or former roommates in a shared dwelling
  • disabled or elderly adult and a caregiver

Illinois domestic violence laws establish criminal offenses for domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery. Battery involves physical harm caused to another person or an unwanted, insulting, or provoking physical contact. To prove domestic battery, the state prosecutor must prove that a battery occurred within one of the relationships listed by the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.

The state can increase the criminal charge to aggravated domestic battery if the defendant intentionally caused great bodily harm or the crime resulted in permanent disability or disfigurement. Illinois state laws also require a charge of aggravated domestic battery if the defendant strangled the victim by choking the victim’s neck or blocking the victim’s ability to breathe.

A conviction for domestic battery prohibits a sentence of supervision.  Therefore, a defendant will have a permanent mark on his criminal record for a crime of violence.

In most cases a defendant will be brought before a judge for a bond hearing.  The judge may order special conditions of bond including an order of protection, surrender of firearms and wearing a GPS device.

In related matters of domestic violence, we can represent you in obtaining or defending orders of protection, stalking and telephone harrassment.

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